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Octopus, Uni, Sea Urchin, Saba, Aji, Spanish Mackerel, Yellowtail, Salmon

edomae 江戸前

In its original translation, Edomae – “Edo”, the old name for Tokyo, and “Mae”, meaning front, referred to the fish caught in Tokyo Bay. Today Edomae refers to the traditional Tokyo way of preparing sushi but using fish from area waters. While the seafood found in Tokyo Bay is different than that in the Pacific and Atlantic waters, they are similarly bound by the environmental elements of ocean, land, and mountains.

Chef preparing bluefin tuna, o toro

local, seasonal 地元, 季節の

Using local and seasonal ingredients is the most important element in Japanese restaurant. It also has become the primary principle for the international culinary community. With commitment to that philosophy, Bloofin Sushi & Bar features seasonal ingredients of the Texas State and Tsukiji market in authentic Japanese preparation.

Omakase Box

the intimate connection between earth and sea 陸(り海の入魂

Our mission is to be an upscale sushi dining destination in Spring, TX. By maintaining our commitment to quality, sound execution and excellent service. We look forward to having you dine with us.

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